Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crafting with Corks

I have a thing for wine corks. I have collected them over the years from drinking wine (obviously!) and they have made great souvenirs from travels, like the trip to Napa Vally and Door County, WI. And I have friends that save them for me too. I save them in a giant wine glass I got from my brother as a "you're the best sister in the world" gift (I love that guy!), but it was overflowing, so I did what anyone would do and crafted with them!

The thing I love best about these projects is that they were very simple and I had everything already on hand to make them so they cost nothing. And it recycled the corks! Simple, cheap and cute craft projects = a happy me:)

A little hot glue and a wooden base~ viola! A Christmas tree!

I'd make a tutorial except this project is so easy a description will surely suffice: Hot glue corks together.
The reddish corks got the color from the red wine they helped keep in the bottle; the green corks I painted.

Another tree, all the corks match unlike the previous random tree.
A Christmas ornament

I made the with a friend- I love joint projects- 2 people creating something together!!
Wine cork memo board


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