Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Homemade Wooden Blocks

I love trees. We planted one the year our daughter was born and will again soon for our son. I like what they symbolize: growth and stability and keeping yourself grounded. So when I saw these wooden blocks for sale made from pieces of a tree, I thought they would be a great purchase for my little man. 

Then the tree that has been in my grandparents’ yard for years lost some branches and I saved some to repurpose and make my own. The tree at my Grandma’s house has been there as long as I can remember- we’ve played around it, took a million pictures by it as it was the unofficial photo spot of the backyard and watched it grow.

So I scraped off the bark, sanded the pieces smooth and put a coat of non-toxic stain on them:


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

These days...

I’ve been on quite the hiatus from blogging….because, well, life has been happening all around us. We’ve been making memories and living and loving and getting used to life with two kids, expanding a business and spending our time doing other things. Oh and shoveling snow, snow and more snow. That can end anytime. The good (screeches of pure laughter from our little man and “let me help, Mom!” from our little girl), the bad (tantrums now?! We made it almost 4 years and now our little girl has tantrums??? And lack of sleep….if only our little man would sleep….) and the ugly (um, bees in our house….it’s freezing cold out- literally- and we have bees? And lack of sleep…makes me kind of ugly sometimes). But these moments make up our days and I find myself reliving moments that I don’t want to forget.

We are taking photos and videos (I want to remember the ear piercing screeches of pure delight not because they are kind to the ears-quite the opposite is true- and watch that tantrum on video because quite frankly, it’s hilarious) because it is our life, right here, right now. And like every other stage we have been in, we know it won't last forever. We will look back at these moments and reminisce and laugh…we always do…

I’ll sum it up with a few of my favorite simple things from this month:

This little guy learned to roll over and discovered his feet:

Big piles of snow turned to puddles are made for jumping:

This fairy costume. She wears it daily. It’s falling apart and the wings are a matted mess from being washed way too many times and slept in, but she loves it just the same. A garage sale find from last summer that seems not have a replacement to be found anywhere so she’ll happily keep lovin’ on this one:

Discovering moments like this:

Play dates with friends:

A visit to see family:

Celebrating a special St. Patricks Day birthday (and the pirate cake I made):

We are coming off of a month of “Too Much.” Too much fun=too little sleep=one overscheduled and exhausted family. I worried we would be going stir crazy this cold, dreary month of March and planned too many really fun things, causing the opposite to happen. I overplanned and exhausted us all.

Lesson learned: We need time at home for nothing. As April approaches (and hopefully spring-like weather arrives soon!), we will be outside and playing without a schedule. I long for last minute walks that turn into catching up with neighbors that turn into jumping in puddles, which was exactly what happened last weekend. We have plenty of fun things ahead, including celebrating our little girls 4th birthday and with the much anticipated warmer weather, puddles will be beckoning…


Friday, January 31, 2014

Simple things we enjoyed this month

Art projects... Even if our little girl thinks our trash can is part of our family.

The coziness inside our warm home; a sharp contrast to the extreme cold outside. After returning to work, I value these cuddles even more.

Sledding party with friends.

Taking monthly pictures of our little man, with a helper.

Sneaking peeks at moments like this:

And this:

And this (our little girl playing "fundraiser"):

Finding this unexpected note while out running errands. A pay it forward of sorts, the day after I paid for a stranger's parking.

And big smiles from our kids!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

If I could stop the hands of time

If I could stop time, I'd freeze these last few weeks. We are caught in that wonderful place where fun and exciting things are happening every day- simple things like smiles from our little guy, holiday festivities, and new family traditions (Elf on a Shelf and Christmas movies) and old favorites (Bentleyville and bell ringing for the Salvation Army).

Our little girl has concerts for Sunday school, preschool and dance.

We've enjoyed Christmas parties and she is over her fear of Santa.

She's excited to give the gifts we've chosen and made for others. She understands giving. And wants to give. She's keeping secrets of gifts we've bought and writing out names of those we care about on presents. I'm aware of how much she's grown and learned in the last year and I love to see these glimpses of a child wise beyond her years mixed with the awe and wonder of delight that is just as it should be for her age.

I love our home decorated for the holidays. And since I'm home on maternity leave (best timing ever) I can sit and enjoy quiet moments at home with my little man, the Christmas tree twinkling, baby sleeping on my lap, beautiful snow outside our windows as I appreciate the warm house, healthy baby whose playing, exploring, smiling (!!!), and these moments that I know won't last forever, but sure wish they could.

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