Friday, June 27, 2014

Brother for sale

Right now our little guy is very mobile and that means he can (and does) get into his sister's things. This bugs her to no end

Of course that frustrates sister to no end. And our little man still just grins at her. There are moments like this that I love stumbling upon...

And then there are moments that our little girl acts like this:

I am sure this sibling dynamic will change as they grow and change, but I'll savor the sweet moments whenever I can.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Stump Becomes a Table

You may recall that I found this beauty while on a trip last summer. I had plans to use it in my house but wanted to leave it as close to its natural state as possible

It has been drying out for months since it was quite water logged and I made feet for it to elevate it off the ground a few inches. I sanded it so the top was smooth and with a wire brush, removed all the sand from the crevices.

Then I stained it to enhance the color of the wood and now we use it for a coffee table.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer days

Our long awaited summer has finally arrived... And we are soaking in every minute of it!!

We've been swimming (someone refuses to admit she has outgrown her little pool).

And just hanging out in our swimsuit because we can...

We've been running races as a family, something my husband and I have always enjoyed and now we share with our kids.

Keeping it real, here are some post race pics- I bent our little girl's sign which was a major catastrophe, as you can imagine:

And we took a much anticipated trip to the zoo. It's hard so say who was more excited- the little kids or the big kids (my husband, brother, his girlfriend, or me!)

And the full day led to two happily exhausted kids (and some tired parents- but sleeping adults aren't nearly as adorable as sleeping kids):

We look forward to many more adventures to come!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dance Recital

I have loved watching my little girl grow from dance all year. From the timid first day of dance class, spent mostly checking to see if mom and dad were still watching her and watching herself twirl in the mirror, to the confident performer at the recital this weekend, she has blossomed. There were times we had to practically drag her to class and there were days she insisted on wearing her fairy costume to dance, but we stuck it out and think she is adorable…all the girls are. Our little girl is 2nd from the left- the one picking her nose.

with her Yaya

with her Mom

We didn't think Dad would make it back from his business trip in time for the performance, but he did!


Thursday, May 15, 2014


On Mother's Day nine years ago, my husband proposed to me at the top of a lighthouse in Michigan. We try to make it back there every year and have been there during all the different seasons. We went back again on Mother's Day this year, as a family.

We still checked out our favorite waterfall

And went rock hunting

We checked out a few new things as well, like a couple of Little Free Libraries:

This year we even took in a concert at the historic Calumet Theatre.

Its definitely a different experience with two kids in tow than the romantic weekend getaway it was when we got engaged, but it's fun to share our special part of the world with our kids.

Jon found this awesome piece of drift wood

I have a similar photo of my husband and I sitting like this years ago...

There was a girl who wanted to bring this 16 foot stick home very, very badly. I have no idea where she gets these ideas...

the desserts at the lighthouse are AMAZING

climbing the stairs to the lighthouse tower

The view from the top of the lighthouse, in the exact spot my husband proposed.

And then this happened...our little girl finally decided she LOVED her little brother.

And then my Little Man said "Mama for the first time." Let me just note that this was his first word. My heart is happy. A perfect Mother's Day gift indeed.


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